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  • PA & Background Music Systems

    PA & Background Music Systems

    Public address and background music sound systems can set that perfect vibe for bars, community clubs and restaurants. Our Digital Signal Processing technology creates a very powerful, yet simple to use system. These systems can be accessed by smartphones, or programmed for automatic features. Our systems are so smart, they just about think for themselves. They know if the band is about to play and automatically switch over. They know it's early in the morning, so they start background music at a low volume. They can sense the number of people in the room and adjust the volume accordingly. These systems can be accessed by smartphones and can be monitored and configured remotely.
    Having problems with sound restrictions and venue licensing? We can guarantee the level does not exceed the specified volume by your liquor licensing agreement.

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  • MATV Distributed TV Systems

    MATV Distributed TV Systems

    Wouldn't it be great if all you had to do is simply change a channel. Every piece of equipment can be re transmitted on a single coaxial wire. MATV systems can re transmit Fox Sports, Foxtel, Sky, Nightlife, Keno, live cameras and security cameras. We offer the right choice to manage and maintain your shift to digital. All of your additional sources can be transmitted as digital stations alongside your existing free to air channels. No changing sources, just a simple channel change on the TV. Our straight forward approach is to use common sense solutions to complex problems.

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  • Digital Menu Boards & Digital Signage

    Digital Menu Boards & Digital Signage

    Supertech can provide your customers a turnkey digital menu boards or signage solutions for marketing and communications with your customers. Digital advertising offers dynamic content. Forget the static pictures posted on a wall are a thing of the past. Dynamic digital signage can be inside or outside your venue. It can be visible in direct sunlight and can range from any size or shape you can imagine. Each digital signage system is designed and manufactured to fit your environment and company profile.

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  • HD Surveillance & Video Analytics

    HD Surveillance & Video Analytics

    CCTV cameras are now a very common place in most entertainment environments. As a professional installation company, we will always provide the best solution to meet your requirement and budget. We handle many types of systems ranging from complex multi NVR or DVR systems with multiple users, access levels and clients to smaller 4 channel or 16 channel systems. Analytical solutions can be implemented to CCTV systems including virtual boundaries, LPR or license plate recognition, person or vehicle identification. We are involved in all aspects of the project from the initial design, through to the installation, implementation and the training of the operators and site managers.

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  • Cost Effecitve Smart Wiring

    Cost Effecitve Smart Wiring

    Wring does not always have to be a copper connection. There are may solutions available to incorporate your existing infrastructure. Media conversion modules can be placed on either side of your existing Ethernet, LAN, WAN, WiFi or fiber optic cable runs. Running a new copper wire is generally not the most cost effective solution. Our media converters include audio over IP, audio over wireless IP, audio over fiber, HDMI over CAT5 or CAT6, HDMI over Ethernet, HDMI over fiber 5.4G Wireless HDMI, HD-SDI over fiber, 5.4G Wireless HD-SDI just to name a few. Don't run a new wire unless you have to. Contact us today!

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  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    If your businesses depends on electronic equipment to stay up and running smoothly, then you know staying on top of maintenance is a must. Unfortunately in many cases, proper routine maintenance on electronic equipment is overlooked, leading to setbacks caused by major electronic or mechanical failures. If your company still waits until equipment fails to repair it, then you are wasting thousands of dollars that could be easily spared by preventive maintenance. Preventive cost generally is less than corrective cost in the long run. We can perform scheduled preventative maintenance and offer no lock in service contracts and one off appointments that ensure peace of mind and prolonged longevity of your valuable electronic equipment.

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