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  • Background Music & PA Systems

    Background Music & PA Systems

    Background music sound systems are are a fantastic attraction feature retail outlets. Speaker placement and sound control is very important for evenly distributed sound without annoying your customers or disturbing your neighbors. We design and install simple, yet powerful systems tailored to meet your requirements. We supply quality commercial products with careful integration and design. Whether it's just a small shop installation or large scale multi zone installation, rest assured we have done it before and will offer a competitive price and the best after sales support available.

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  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    Supertech can provide your customers a turnkey digital signage solution for marketing and communications with your customers. Digital advertising offers dynamic content. Forget the static pictures. They are a thing of the past. Dynamic digital signage can be shopfront, inside or outside. Our content management systems are cloud based meaning you do not require to be onsite making the changes. Any internet connection will allow you to make changes to your digital signage advertising system.

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  • HD Surveillance & Video Analytics

    HD Surveillance & Video Analytics

    Surely you are aware of the constant arguments about whether CCTV actually works or not? It does not work in most current installations because installation standards have been neglected and out-dated technology is still in wide spread use. Analogue CCTV is an aged technology. The new industry standard is IP surveillance cameras offering HD images. Most standard IP cameras offer a starting point (lower range) of 2 megapixels in picture quality. The old analogue cameras were around 0.4 megapixels. New HD Pro cameras are now up to 30 megapixels. One 30 megapixel camera can monitor the same area that 99 analogue cameras can monitor. Analytic solutions are also available on selected IP cameras including person or vehicle recognition.

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  • Cost Effecitve Smart Wiring

    Cost Effecitve Smart Wiring

    Wring does not always have to be a copper connection. There are may solutions available to incorporate your existing infrastructure. Media conversion modules can be placed on either side of your existing Ethernet, LAN, WAN, WiFi or fiber optic cable runs. In many cases, running a new copper wire is generally not the most cost effective solution. Our media converters include audio over IP, audio over wireless IP, audio over fiber, HDMI over CAT5 or CAT6, HDMI over Ethernet, HDMI over fiber 5.4G Wireless HDMI, HD-SDI over fiber, 5.4G Wireless HD-SDI just to name a few. Don't run a new wire unless you have to. Contact us today!

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  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    If your businesses depends on electronic equipment to stay up and running smoothly, then you know staying on top of maintenance is a must. Unfortunately in many cases, proper routine maintenance on electronic equipment is overlooked, leading to setbacks caused by major electronic or mechanical failures. If your company still waits until equipment fails to repair it, then you are wasting thousands of dollars that could be easily spared by preventive maintenance. Preventive cost generally is less than corrective cost in the long run. We can perform scheduled preventative maintenance and offer no lock in service contracts and one off appointments that ensure peace of mind and prolonged longevity of your valuable electronic equipment.

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