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PA & Background Music Systems

Public address and background music sound systems are a fantastic feature for bars, community clubs and restaurants. We design and install simple to use, yet extremely customized and powerful systems tailored to meet your requirements. Audio ducking, VOX and fully customized priority takes the guess work out of controlling your system. Evacuation and alert tones are all standard features included in our PA installations. We supply quality commercial products with careful planning, integration and design. This insures your investment will stand the test of time. We have installed many PA and BGM systems from small restaurants and coffee shops, up to larger bars, pubs and outdoor venues. Whether it's just a small PA installation or large scale installation, rest assured we have done it before and will offer a competitive price and the best after sales support available. Supertech is committed to providing systems using energy efficient products that are manufactured by environmentally responsible companies. Power usage, compliance with international standards and are all taken into account when creating, upgrading or re-designing your commercial audio video solution.

MATV Distributed TV Systems

One wire can carry all TV signals. There is no need for multiple wires. Multiple wires equals multiple TV input sources. Multiple input sources equals a headache for the end user! A MATV system, otherwise known as an RF distributed TV system is the best solution. The MATV market has changed significantly over the last few years with the introduction of digital modulators. We can easily achieve Full HD 1080i signals form sources including composite video, component, HDMI, VGA and HD-SDI. There is no need for old school messy switching systems. Use your standard TV remote control and change between all sources. It's as easy as changing channels. We are experts in MATV and distributed TV systems.

Digital Signage

Supertech provides turnkey digital signage solutions for marketing and communications with your customers. Digital advertising offers dynamic content. Dynamic digital signage can be inside or outside your venue. It can be visible in direct sunlight and can range from any size or shape you can imagine. We manufacture custom kiosk solutions and indoor/outdoor digital signage systems. Each digital signage system is designed and manufactured to fit your environment and company profile. Interactive systems can be touch sensitive, movement sensitive, and triggered by specific dates or times. Content management systems are cloud based meaning you do not require to be at the device to make the changes. Any internet connection will allow you to make changes to your advertising system. Supertech is committed to providing systems using energy efficient products that are manufactured by environmentally responsible companies.

HD Surveillance & Video Analytics

Analytics technology with HD surveillance cameras can automatically detect and learn surrounding scenes. This results in a whole new level of user intuitive solutions. Object detection analyzes the difference between an animal, a person or a car. Imagine filtering alerts to inform you or your guards that a car crossed a designated area (Geo-fence) that you are protecting. If it's a cat or a dog, you don't want a false trigger. Analitics understand what you are looking for. If you are looking for a car or person, the system will ignore everything else, resulting in less false alarms and increased sensitivity when you need it. This is an unmatched level of protection that keeps both personnel and assets safe. Our systems provide the coverage and detail needed for identification and verification of irrefutable evidence. Securing areas with guards is expensive, and security personnel can’t be everywhere all the time. Analytic CCTV solutions can monitor an area 24/7 and 365 days a year. It will not look the wrong way or even blink. Get peace of mind with HD Surveillance and Analytical monitoring systems, knowing you're covered all the time.

LED Screens & Scoreboards

Supertech can supply a range of LED screens and scoreboards to suit every budget. From a simple clock and score to a large high resolution displays and all categories in between. We supply custom scoring software or integrate with your existing timing or scoring software. Scoreboards and LED screens are IP65 weatherproof rated and can be wired or wireless. The price for a full screen LED display has dramatically reduced over the past 10 years. Unfortunately in many cases, so has the quality. We have over 20 years knowledge in this industry. We know a good screen from a bad one. Don't take the risk and buy from overseas. We have the industry contacts to supply high quality screens that will suit every budget. LED screens and scoreboards can be custom built to any size and resolution, including flat displays, curved or circular screens. design is up to you're imagination.

Broadcast Systems

The introduction of LED screens to many sporting venues has organizations and production teams entering the field of slow motion and instant replay. Sporting arenas, broadcasters, racing industries and leagues clubs all strive to make every seat the best seat in the house. Instant replay systems ensure every camera angle is captured, every inch of the game is covered, and no regrets for blinking during that once-in-a-lifetime sporting moment. Game or race highlights captivate your audience, allowing for effective advertising and marketing strategies. Producers can give stewards, referees, and coaches the visual verification they need, capturing and slowing down every camera angle. These systems are designed for pristine viewing in HD and SD. Our playback solutions provide the ultimate high-resolution quality for immediate review, advanced slow motion, and instant, multi-angle, in-playback switching. Whether you are capturing the crowd or examining a controversial moment of play, slow-motion technology offers crisp, cutting-edge playback that ups the volume for creativity, accuracy, and flexibility throughout the coverage process.

Sound Control & Reinforcement

Sporting venues and shopping complexes encounter problems when distributing audio including control of multiple sources, delay, feedback on microphones, and most importantly, control of audio levels in multi zoned areas. You don't want screaming speakers on one side, then it's too soft on the other side. So how do you control sound if you cant be everywhere at the same time? Our sound control systems include the use of powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processors) that process the sound according to the input signals and parameters we program. Reinforcement of sound is only as good as it's control. There's no point having a large scale audio system if it is not tuned and calibrated to suit your environment. We incorporate innovative approaches including listening microphones, time scheduled control and crowd sensing technology (including surveillance analytics) that automatically control and calibrate your sound infrastructure. Our systems are easy and custom configurable for the end user, yet extremely powerful behind the scenes. Remote support can also be implemented to make adjustments remotely or even by our technicians while off-site. There has been a large shift towards DSP technology and we have evolved with this technology and experience. Our systems can be tailored to suit any of your needs with ease, both on-site and off-site.

Automation & Control Systems

Automation control systems for smart homes and businesses of today utilize smartphones, tablets, remote controls and dedicated touchscreens. Imagine controlling lights and blinds, entertainment systems, heating or cooling, security and access control systems all from that small device in your pocket. Remote control of your home or business is the pinnacle of lifestyle and convenience that makes the investment worthwhile. Check the security cameras around your house, turn the pool on or heat up the spa before you get home. Let a guest in when you are away from the house, switch a light on even when you are on holidays. Our specially selected control systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world with internet connection. You can also easily create time schedules for complete system automation. Make those blinds come up at 7 am on weekdays and start the coffee machine before you even get out of bed. It's all so simple with our intuitive home automation control systems. You have complete control in your hands.

Cost Effective Smart Wiring

Wring does not always have to be a copper connection. In many cases, running a new copper wire is not the most cost effective solution, especially outdoors. There are many other solutions available that uses your existing infrastructure. Media conversion modules can be placed on either side of your existing Ethernet, UTP (twisted pair), LAN, WiFi or fiber optic cable runs. We have a full range of smart transmission products, including analogue audio and video, HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA and DVI, RS232, RS485, IR, RF and data. Products include media converters, video distributors and amplifiers, matrix switchers, repeaters, surge and video Interference suppressors and central power distributors. Don't waste money on copper wiring. There are many other ways to get your media from A to B. Our media converters protocols include HDBaseT, IP, Dante, Cobranet and point to point. Wiring solutions can include audio over IP or wireless IP, audio and video and data over fiber, UTP, Ethernet, 2.4G & 5.4G Wireless and many more. Don't run a new wire unless you have to.

Temporary Event Rentals

We have systems available for temporary events including wireless audio, video and data systems, commercial audio and LED display systems, PA equipment and sound reinforcement systems. We have just about anything you need to make your next event run smoothly. Our event technicians have many years of experience in the entertainment industry. Rest assured your next event will run the way you intend when you choose our rental equipment and technical services.

Preventative Maintenance

If your businesses depends on electronic equipment to stay up and running smoothly, then you know staying on top of maintenance is a must. Unfortunately, most of the time proper routine maintenance on electronic equipment is overlooked, leading to setbacks caused by major electronic or mechanical failures. If your company still waits until equipment fails to repair it, then you are wasting thousands of dollars that could be easily spared by preventive maintenance. Most companies use corrective maintenance. This approach occurs when routine check-ups fall through the cracks, leading to major mechanical problems. Corrective maintenance could cost thousands of dollars, not to mention if you end up have to replace the equipment what that cost would be.
What is Preventative Maintenance?
Preventative maintenance is any maintenance that is designed to retain the healthy condition of equipment and prevent failure. This could be cleaning or inspection, calibration, fault simulation and testing under load and demanding conditions. This type of maintenance has been determined by researchers as the best and most efficient way to maintain equipment. By performing routine maintenance, equipment life can be extended dramatically and reduce the number of major mechanical failures that occur. Switching to preventative maintenance can not only save you time and money, but increase the value of your equipment. This process change can seem difficult and time-consuming, but there are many tools and solutions that can help. For instance, utilizing equipment maintenance cloud based software and database solutions for reporting minor faults or occurrences. We all know computers can streamline many processes. Reports can be analyzed and measures can be implemented to stop the re-occurrences. Tools like these allow you to see how much money you are spending on equipment and make better decisions.
Some other important benefits of implementing a preventative maintenance program include increasing equipment uptime and avoid serious breakdowns, extended equipment life with routine maintenance, Improving technician or operator utilization, reducing paperwork and administrative tasks with electronic reporting tools, and most importantly improving safety and quality conditions for everyone.